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march 2011. godine
Mosbuild 2011 • 05 - 08 April 2011 •
Expocentre • pavilion 7, upper level

In cooperation with the Agency for Foreign Investment and Export Promotion Agency of the Republic of Serbia - SIEPA, company DOMIS Cacak is one of six companies (Aling Conel Ltd, Kosta Antic Ltd, DOMIS Ltd., Carbon Ltd., SIMI doo, doo Cores System), which will present their products in joint stand at the fair MosBuild in Moscow in the period from 05.04.2011. - 08.04.2011. vol. Stand with a total of 85 m2 exhibition space is located in the Expocentre, (address: 14, Krasnopresnenskaya nab., Moscow, Russia, 123100) in Pavilion 7 (upper level).


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april 2010. godine
36th International Fair of Civil Engineering, Belgrade, Serbia

At the 36th International Fair of Civil Engineering SEEBBE (South-East Europe Belgrade Building Expo) held in the period from 13th to 17th of April 2010 in Belgrade, in the decision of the jury there have been given rewards for quality and innovation. In a very harsh competition, because the exhibitors tried to promote a number of technical and technological developments, five companies got important recognition for NEW VISION. DOMIS was awarded for a new vision in the manufacture of joinery, for the spherical lift-slide doors, which made this company stand out in its industry as memorable. Judging by the data that at the fair were 1082 exhibitors of which 339 were from abroad and from 30 countries participating, it must be admitted that this recognition is certainly a prestigious and important both for DOMIS and Serbia in general.

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October, 2009
Regulation of river Čemernica

jezero   Alongside manufacturing plant of company Domis Čačak, through village of Miokovci, flows river Čemernica. As a contribution to the community Domis Čačak has invested in the regulation of the river basin planning for the coast as one of the few preserved environmental flows in the region.

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October, 2009
Investment into environmental protection and energy efficiency

In the manufacturing plant in DOMIS Čačak (Miokovci), additional attention is paid to:

  • ecology - installation of separators “Biorotor” which has the function of purification waste water
  • fire protection (accumulation)
  • energy efficiency (installation of new boilers that produce energy by burning waste materials)

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September, 2009
A bronze plaque at 31 International Fair Construction,
Budva, Montenegro

DOMIS Čačak and DOMIS Montenegro jointly participated at 31 International Building Trade Fair held in the Adriatic Fair Budva, Montenegro from September, 23th, 2009 till September, 27th, 2009.

The emphasis of this year's event is put on the new product - ventilated wooden facade. The success of the presentation itself speaks best bronze medal awarded at the EXPO TROPHY for special achievement for the entire show at the fair, including stand design, advertising material, method of presentation of new products.

Explanation of the Jury which was in charge for the awards went like this: "...However, there are always strong individual producers.Third Prize - Bronze medal - awarded to the Exhibitor DOMIS Montenegro - Podgorica.

Orientation of highly specialized product, extra quality is already well known brand of the manufacturer. This time in the open space concept of the stand's story about a window as an artistic and functional element of the wall, glass partition as the inner cover are given in their natural disposition, and inner space, unladen of exhibits makes room meetings and communication at a very creative way and confirms the reputation acquired by this producers ... " (

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September, 2009
New visual identity for marketing material
representing DOMIS ČAČAK 

DOMIS Čačak has, in collaboration with the marketing agency BRANDONITE and consulting agency MAGSISTEM, got a new visual identity. Thanks to financing by the Agency SIEPA, DOMIS Čačak is represented on the market with a new promotional material, which among others includes new web-site and new catalog.

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September, 2009
SIEPA – grant

Company DOMIS Čačak participated in the competition for the award of grants by the agency for foreign investment and export promotion - SIEPA ( to finance activities that contribute to increased exports. The approved funds were for the following activities:

  • Certification of management systems (ISO 9001)
  • The design of promotional materials (web site design and catalog)
  • Participation in the International Fair of Construction in Budva, Montenegro
  • Testing of samples in the Slovenian Institute of ZAG, Ljubljana, Slovenia

We hope to fulfill all the requirements of the contest in SIEPA and to get the increase of export of our company.

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August, 2009
Certificate ISO 9001:2008

Certification body TUV SUD Management Service GmbH confirms that the company DOMIS ČAČAK concerning following fields: design, production, sale and installation of joinery and facade has introduced quality management system and applied it. The date of valuation was 20th of August 2009.

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June, 2009
The opening of the Hotel Palazzo, Poreč, Croatia

DOMIS ČAČAK participated in the restoration of one of the oldest hotels in Poreč, the Hotel Palazzo ( Apart from building windows, as its main product, DOMIS ČAČAK took complete interior. Palazzo Hotel was opened in June 2009. and represents one of the most exclusive destinations in Poreč, as well as on the Croatian coast.

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Maj, 2009. godine
HR Workshop

Representative of the company DOMIS Čačak, Deputy General Director, Olgica Kuzmanović has participated in training with the theme of managing human resources for managers and HR staff in the sector of small and medium companies. The workshop was held from 12-15. May in Kragujevac in the organization of TAM / BAS / EAR / EBRD, in cooperation with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development in London (CIPD,

April, 2009
TEGRA - the international fair of construction and equipment, Zagreb, Croatia

As part of the stand of company EUROLAM ( that is representative of the company DOMIS Čačak in the territory of Croatia, DOMIS Čačak scored very successful presentation of their products at the fair Tegra ( in Zagreb.

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April, 2009
Fair Building Materials and Technology MOSBuild,
Moscow, Russia

In cooperation with the Agency for Foreign Investment and Export Promotion Agency - SIEPA (, the company DOMIS Čačak is one of 11 companies (Interior Jankovic, Amiga, Modern Studio Lightning, Toplica drvo, DOMIS Čačak, Cini, Feman, Trudbenik, Multikon, Saga drvo, Buck), which were presented at the joint stand of their products at the fair MOSTBuild in Moscow. MOSBuid is the largest exhibition event in the territory of Russia, which was held from the 31st of March 2009 till the 3rd of April, 2009.

In addition to support from the SIEPA Agency, the USAID Competitiveness Project is also supported participation of Serbian businessmen at the fair building. Support by USAID is reflected in very significant preparation before the fair, which is reflected in: a one-day visit of the Russian consultant Rinat Khisyamova to production plant of DOMIS Čačak, one-day training for the presentation of Serbian businessmen in the Russian market in the area of sales and marketing, as well as assistance in development of promotional material in Russian.

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March, 2009
The new showroom for products of DOMIS ČAČAK,
Celje, Slovenia

Company DOMIS Čačak has, in collaboration with the representative of Slovenia, Kukomat Ltd. opened salon in Celje, Maribor Street 86th
Contact phone +38634906170.
Business hours for salon are 09:00 am to 05:00 pm.

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March, 2009
CE mark

Testing of products at European standards and the introduction of quality management system ISO 9001:2008 DOMIS earned the right to use the CE mark for its products.

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November 2008
15th International Trade Fair, Tirana, Albania

DOMIS Čačak, for the first time participated in the 15th Autumn Fair Panair 2008 which has general character, KLIK EXPO, in Tirana, Albania ( within the main stand of Serbian businessmen in the organization of specialized agency for the implementation of fair exhibition VELEXPO ( The fair was held in period of November 25th 2009 – November 30th, 2009. Albania is a new market for the company DOMIS Čačak, which, in all grades, has great potential.

Fair in Tirana, also represents the beginning of successful cooperation between company DOMIS Čačak and organization USAID ( within the Project for the development of competitiveness. Organization USAID refund DOMIS Čačak the costs of participation at the fair. Also, thanks to the representatives of USAID in Tirana, DOMIS Čačak has established important contacts.

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Novembar, 2008
Collaboration with USAID in the Competitiveness Project

Following the positive results of the analysis of the organization USAID, DOMIS Čačak has been included in the project for the development of competitiveness ( which is a four-year project of $14.7 million, launched in October 2007, in order to promote economic growth by substantially increasing the competitiveness of private enterprises in Serbia. The project company has provided financial support and consulting within: sales, marketing and education.

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Novembar, 2008
The 24th International Construction Fair, Novi Sad, Serbia

DOMIS Čačak presented their products at the 24th International Fair of Civil Engineering at the Novi Sad Fair, Novi Sad, Serbia ( from Novembar, 4th 2008 - Novembar, 8th 2008. Fair promotion was a beginning of cooperation with the Austrian company DANA ( which is a leader in the manufacture of interior doors in the European market.

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Septembar, 2008
30th International Fair of Construction, Budva, Montenegro

DOMIS Čačak with their representative for the market of Montenegro, DOMIS MONTENEGRO recorded another successful participation to 30th International Building Trade Fair which was held at the Adriatic Fair Budva, Montenegro ( in the period from 24th of September 2008 - 28th of September 2008.

Fair promotion was a cooperation between DOMIS Cacak and DOMIS MONTENEGRO with the Austrian company DAna ( which is a leader in the manufacture of interior doors in the European market.

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Avgust, 2007
Cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - EBRD is a positive outcome after the complete analysis of the company DOMIS Čačak decided to assign a TAM of this company. TAM (Turn Around Management) program involves the award of grants through the provision of consulting services by experts in the area in order to improve the general business of the company.

DOMIS Čačak received as a consultant Mr Juku Vahtilu, senior consultant from Finland, which alone or in the presence of experts in the proper departments, attended DOMIS Čačak between September 2007 and May 2009. Successful cooperation between Mr Vahtile and management has resulted in general business approvement, primarily by improved organization of production, the formation of middle management, and strategic sales and marketing organization.

More information about the success of this cooperation at:

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