Our products are the ideal choice for customers who want an attractive and comfortable home. The two elements we pay most attention to are the design and functionality of our joinery. Without a beautiful and functional product we cannot reach our ultimate goal – satisfied customers. We pride ourselves in knowing we have achieved top results and reached our goal in both of these segments.
Design is certainly something the customer should consider when choosing joinery. As joinery will take up huge spaces of all premises, the appearance of windows and doors should not be disregarded. Our products are carefully produced and characterised by superlative design. We will always make an effort to listen to a customer’s desires and offer optimum design solutions.

Beautifully designed joinery will be of little use if it is not functional. It needs to provide protection from external influences, to let in a sufficient quantity of natural light and protect the premises from unnecessary energy loss.


In spite of the increasing use of metal and artificial materials, wood traditionally remains the best choice for façade joinery. In addition to its natural insulating properties and attractive appearance, wooden frames provide ample opportunities for processing and modification. In modern construction works, this timeless material is treated with adequate protection and thus the issue of durability commonly associated with wooden joinery has become a thing of the past. However, due to aggressive atmospheric influences, regular maintenance cannot be completely avoided.

Wood is also a material that enables aesthetic creativity. Different technological processes can be applied to make wood look both rustic and modern.


The combination of wood and aluminium ensures additional protection of wood components from atmospheric influences. An outer aluminium layer makes such joinery virtually indestructible. This is also a way to keep the beauty and warmth of the interior that only wood can provide, while at the same time adjusting the aluminium to the exterior of a building through processing. The construction allows variations of the interior appearance of joinery in a building, while the exterior remains unchanged.

Such construction is ideal for those who are concerned about the weather and maintenance costs, but are not willing to forgot the natural beauty of wooden joinery.

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